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Freedom Baptist Church

A Passion for God and a love for People

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Down Memory Lane
(From the Pulpit of Freedom Baptist)
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Brother Olen King (The Church Covenant)              

Pastor Cero Smith (Keep on Walking)
Dr Lee Robertson (The Need of This Hour)
Dr Curtis Hutson (The Early Church)
Dr Monroe "Monk" Parket (The Greatest Journey)
Dr Harold Sighter (By Faith)
Evangelist Billy Kelly (The Prodigal Son)

****Sermons will be posted as soon as they are made available*****
February ListenDownload

Brother Daniel Richey


Wednesday 2/5/14


Pastor Jon White

"Vengeance of America"

Sunday PM 2/2/14


Pastor Jon White

"Who was this man?

Mark 7:31-37

Sunday AM 2/2/14


January 2014 ListenDownload

Pastor Jon White

"Heaven, What are you going to be know for?" 

2 Samuel 12:18

Wednesday 1/29/14


Pastor Jon White

"Empty Our self"

Ephesians 5:18

Sunday PM 1/27/14 


Pastor Jon White

Sunday AM 1/26/14 


Pastor Jon White

"Direction 2" 

Sunday PM 1/19/14


Pastor Jon White

Sunday PM 1/12/14

"Heaven is Real" 


Pastor Jon White

Sunday PM 1/12/14



Pastor Jon White

Sunday AM 1/12/14

"Clean Hands Dirty Heart"


Bro. Clint Fredericks

Wednesday 1/8/14

"The Net"


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